Sunday, May 10, 2009

When evening comes Writing

All the greens that surge and flow,

All the flowers that breathe and grow,

Sleep when evening comes.

Drawing it's lovely cover of clouds,

Over the western sky,

To the outer edges of the open eye,

evening comes.

All the birds that swerve and fly,

From every sad child's lonely cry,

Sleep when evening comes.

Dragging the darkness softly over,

Over the glinting,half shut eye,

Evening comes.

All the curtains safely drawn,

To hide the tears of the still unborn,

Sleep when evening comes.

Closing the shutters against the light,

Over the sleep-smoothed,night-shut eye,

Evening comes.

Written by Dido,July 2000

Recieved a message from David, Dido:you're still in Norway...hope you're fine?

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