Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joe and Dannys Day out

I know you've been waiting...I was side tracked;but I'm back on form,plein form in fact.
Watched 'C Brooker' recently,and sorry Charlie,you're good,but I'm a natural talent...I just gotta do what 'Mother nature'intended.

David,you've gone and got side tracked Too,schade mein freunde!

Hold on to your hats folks...this ones gonna break your heart:

It's about two boys caught up in a messy divorce,family break up,children's homes,nervous breakdowns,sex,abuse,bastard treatment a smattering of bullying...and off course my passion for a touch of violence...

Now don't go getting all know my style by now,it's going to wretch your guts,burst your tear ducts and give you bad dreams...I'd like to apologise for the shit which will hit the fan:but I can't.

"The door squeaked open,it was quiet,dark...still as the grave.
Danny wallowed in his dreams of the valleys,a hand slid over his mouth...his terrified scream was silenced.A pair of rough hands grabbed his kicking feet.
Danny was dragged,silently screaming to his tormentors."

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  1. Sorry this one is taking so long to fire up...painful memories,don't really want to start!