Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinese whispers

Hi there ya all,hot dang dat was a Sunday!

Have you apologised yet?

I'm going to digress....Whoa...

Quotation of Charlie Brooker.
All credits to him and his style.

"In the debate sparked by my gibberish outpouring, it wasn't long before rival posters began speculating about the size of their opponent's dicks. It led me to wonder - has the world of science ever investigated a casual link between penis size and male political leaning?

I'd theorise that, on the whole, rightwing penises are short and stubby, hence their owners' constant fury. Lefties, on the other hand, are spoiled for length, yet boast no girth whatsoever - which explains their pained confusion. I flit from one camp to the other, of course, which is why mine's so massive it's got a full-size human knee in the middle. And a back. A big man's back.

Anyway, if we must debate things online, we might as well debate that. It's not like we'll ever resolve any of that other bullshit, is it?

Click. Mine's bigger than yours. Click. No it isn't. Click. Yes it is. Click. Refresh, repost, repeat to fade."

Old ones are the good ones Charlie boy!

Any way back to Topic:

Now I know I stated "Bullies" yucky poo poo.....BUT....

CHINESE WHISPERS.....Ooooo double yucky poo poo.

Now bullies are obnoxious,horrible specimens....right Attila?

The people who spread rumours to discredit,you know the type...

"I don't want to speak out of school,like...but you know Galli....Sssss,Wat ever."

Gasp..."No,he's not working for them is he?"....

"I eard he had a bad he working?"....

"My,I heard he had a massive dick."....."Well you know what they say about big cars,don't you."....

"No....oh please tell....when hubby rips off the next person,he said I'll get a BIG one."

"You know what colour he painted..."

"NO!Well if there's no know wat they say,Rats don't...."

"I eard he opened a window...just as cock Robbin flew... bye."

Blowing their whistles...they followed the pied piper...Who called the tune..."Oh,You wanna be in my gang....Well do you."....NOT too camp is it?

Chinese whispers....not nice...bullies....not nice....threats......Will NOT be Tolerated!

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