Monday, April 13, 2009

Ideas from Films & experiences

Whoa,that was a weekend that was...Made me reflect,check out my head!
Read a banal statement,can't quote...wasn't that good,along the lines of..."Give me the child and I'll return the man"...."If they had been in care all their learning years,they would have turned out alright"...I thought, WHAT!

Made me think a bit...

Ever watched the film...."Sleepers"?

A Film I watched recently..."Deliverance."

You know the one...Banjo tunes,woods,rape.

Made me reflect....

And you know what BANG A story just up and popped out!

I know a thing or two regarding these two subject matters...up early tomorrow folks...keys a clacking.

PS I mentioned in a story a sibling;I'm not going to mention the other five until a later keep them locked away for a bit.

Gotta go,early rise tomorrow.

Bye bye ya all.


  1. "Give me the child and I'll return the man".

    That's a phrase the Jesuits used: brainwash the child and you have a follower for life.


  2. That explains why there are so many FOOLS!

  3. It doesn't matter how many handles people use...A fool is a fool on any different forum...A PM is exactly that...PRIVATE...take care now YA all.