Friday, April 24, 2009



Good day to ya all.

I read a post on a Forum...made me think...thank you...
Sorry if I hurt you...I have a big mouth...Point taken...Sorry.

My head goes up my...Anyway you know who I'm talking to....Sorry.


You have standing,your in the Army now.
Your wife has been a bad girl...Don't judge.
She has a child...Foreign blood in the family..oh dordi.
Child number two has to pay right.
Can't be too hard on number one,can we.
Your a big your standing see.
Number two says Flip this,I'm going AWOL.
Now what do the officers do.
That's it...send the Father,to fetch the son.
Father makes his naughty girl pay,all her life.
Makes HIS son pay,all his life.
Bloody shame.
Father says to number two's son;on his deathbed...
“Hark at the blackbird boy.
Enjoy your life boy.
I been a bad boy son.
I treat yor Dada,not right.”
Number two son.
On his deathbed.

Made me pay they did.
Done some bad things in my life boy.
Still see the kids bloody face,child.
I ain't well,boy.
Not one of them,are you?
Too sensitive for your own good.
Toughen up!
Got to close my eyes now Boy.”

Scenario 2

Your the duty officer...bloody tired.
A soldier falls asleep.
Court martial.
Duty officer pleads for the soldier.
Death punishment!
Officers decree...You pleaded for his life.
YOU will carry out the punishment.
Seventy four years later.
You hold your Iron cross.
You say to your granddaughter on your Deathbed.
“I feel so ashamed...Good lord...what have I done.”


You are fourteen.
You live five hundred meters across the border.
You should be having fun.
Hitler sends you to hell!

That's no place for a young soul.
You carry a water can...and a gun.
Welcome to the harsh world.
Your officer,fears for your young blood.
“Boy,go in the NOT come back...that's an order.”
You're lucky,Ivan treats you as a child....

You can go home.
It's a long walk to your mum and dad.
No hard feelings.
Your innocence is gone.
Sorry about your bruises and pain.
Spread the word boy.
WAR,Killing is wrong!

Forty years later after teaching your's your time.

“Enjoy,my child...what you have.”

Scenario 4

Three schoolmates.
One is happy.
One is angry.
One is confused.
All are in their eighties.
Dinner at the Marie.
Angry says to happy.
“Your a PIG!”
Happy says.
“What's your problem?”
Confused says.
“What's happening Kevin?”

Mr Angry,has cancer.
Mr Happy has cancer.
Mr confused has dementia.

Mr angry had to go to Germany...Forced Labour.
Mr happy had to go Germany...Forced Labour.
Mr confused had to go to Germany...Forced Labour.

My wife returns to the table.

Mr angry is happy.
Mr happy is happy.
Mr confused is happy.

Mr happy says.
“A Tommy and ein Fraulin.”
Mr angry says.
“Ca va?”
Mr confused says.
“We're lucky....We're still alive!”

I have many feelings.
I have many regrets.

Bye bye.

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