Friday, April 24, 2009

Fellow Free Tinkers.

Hello friends....

Just a quick message....

David,you have my permission to use my scribbles,in any way you see fit.

Patrick,how are you mate? You once said to me one fine Friday morning;and I quote: "Kevin,if you need any help:don't hesitate to ask."...Patrick,Nine years later,I'm asking...David knows how to contact me.
Oh,Rhodesia is dead,Zimbabwe struggles on.

Dido,I sincerely hope that you are still with us...if you are,I pray the pain is not too great.I will remember your kind words to me....until the day I die...God bless you.

Heather,how are you love...get in touch...and finish that vicar story...made me laugh!

Jo,I'm in France,come and see me,and don't take my accent joke to heart...I have a big mouth.

Sue,are you well...David told me you had a result on the Radio...come on, tell me all.

I miss you people!


Take care now.

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